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The following are common symptoms in individuals with a genital herpes type 2 infection:
• Fluid-filled blisters
• Burning pain on the skin
• Tingling
• Itching
• Sore groins and lymphatic glands
• Fever
• Nausea
• Headache

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Male Herpes genital

Far from everyone experience any of the above symptoms since the majority of infected persons are so called silent carriers of the genital herpes virus (type 2).

The immune system determines your herpes symptoms
Depending on your immune system, the symptoms may vary every time you get an outbreak of herpes, and symptoms also vary among individuals. If your immune system for some reason is not capable of dealing with the herpes virus, you may experience unusually severe outbreaks. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that herpes is harmless, even if you suffer from severe outbreaks. The largest risk factor is the possibility of getting a bacterial infection in the sores caused by the herpes virus, which is why it is important to take proper care of the sores.

Individuals whose immune system is not well adapted may experience unusually severe outbreaks of herpes