VZV Chickenpox – (Varicella zoster virus)

Chickenpox is a well-known children’s disease which causes a skin infection with fluid-filled blisters (varicellae). It is generally true that the earlier in life a person gets infected, the less severe is the course of the outbreak.

Related to herpes
Chickenpox belongs to the same category as the herpes simplex virus. The relation between the two viruses is very close with a few exceptions. VZV nearly always causes the same symptoms in infected persons while the majority of those infected by HSV (Herpes simplex) do not experience any symptoms at all. Chickenpox is spread through the air as well as through contact, unlike HSV which is transmitted exclusively through direct contact.

Chickenpox – the same virus as shingles
VZV is stored in the body after the chickenpox has disappeared. The virus may cause illness many years after the first infection, but with other symptoms. A person with shingles may infect another person with chickenpox, but not with shingles.